Internal Frame Feeder


This internal frame feeder is one of the most robust available. The strong, durable food-grade plastic has a central strut and has been designed to not distort, which is important because if the plastic can bend or the lid collapses inwards, the bees can get into the sugar syrup chamber and they drown. The top lid clips securely onto the feeding chamber, so there is no chance bees can slip through the cracks. The W-shaped bottom allows the bees to get to sugar syrup without the hive being perfectly flat. It is easy to pull the lid off and wash out after each feed.

I use these for all my NUC colonies when building them up and once the colony is transferred to an 8 frame brood box, the feeder fits snugly in a 8 frame brood box with 6 frames of brood and honey. Once the colony is strong and the Queen is laying well, you remove this and replace with 2 brood frames (wired, wired with foundation or foundation-less – whatever your preference).

Size: 5 litre capacity, 68mm (2 x 34mm frame) width

This item is available for local pick-up only.

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